Kinstretch for Hip mobility – 6 month Subscription


Includes Kinstretch for Hip mobility video and added bonus video: morning routine with self-assessment.

In this Kinstretch hip mobility class the focus is on how to control that flexibility to enhance performance and unlock additional movement potential. Kinstretch for the hip will strengthen the muscles and connective tissues (ligaments, etc.) around the hip joint. So that formerly impossible-to-do squat? Easy as pie after practicing certain Kinstretch positions.

Kinstretch is defined as a movement enhancement system that develops maximum body control, flexibility and USABLE ranges of motion.

Kinstretch is about giving you VARIABILITY IN MOVEMENT. That is more options to be efficient, fast, powerful, and most importantly safe.

One of the most crucial differences between Kinstretch and other approaches is utilizing an active range of motion or mobility training to build your foundation.

Instead of owning a yoga pose or getting a better position in your squat, we are improving the OVERALL capacity of your hips. When this happens the yoga pose gets easier and the bottom of that squat is deeper and stronger.